After 15 years as a production assistant in fiction and advertising, it was in 2013 that he decided to go into directing with several projects for beautiful brands including Zadig & Voltaire and Center Parc for a film with the PSG players. Then in 2016, he had the pleasure of working on the launch of the last Metallica album with a film called "The Metallica Gloves" which has been awarded at many creative festivals around the world, including the prestigious Cannes Lions.

This experience confirmed his desire to invest himself  in comedy and in the direction of an actor which is the essential ingredient to make a success of a film. This vision of the profession,  he was able to deepen and perfect it in the interaction around the games with many actors on fictions for TF1. Over the past 3 years, he has carried out numerous campaigns, including films for l'Oréal, Bic and for the association Sésame Autisme with an overwhelming film on the forced exile of autistic children in Belgium, for lack of places in France.