Sara Marandi works as a film director and photographer. It is worth noting that Marandi's focus is on the beauty industry. In fact, she has done many shoots for prominent brands in this industry including Dove, Avon, RoC, and L’Oreal. She has worked with many celebrities as well on behalf of these brands.

Interestingly, Marandi's fascination with creating perfect images started when she was a child. More specifically, looking at vintage magazines in her parents’ basement ignited her unquenchable thirst for producing perfect pictures. She began honing her skills at the Art Centre School of Design in Los Angeles, California where she studied photography and graphic design. Then she joined Imaginary Forces where she worked as a designer. That was her first job after she completed her college studies.

Influences by accomplished personalities in fashion photography inspired her to build a positive rapport with several clients in the beauty industry.